Monday, May 16, 2011

a few words on libraries, from Mr. Lane

I love the British comic mystery series New Tricks, about retired cops trying to solve cold cases.  The episode I saw this week struck close to home in a lot of ways.  University library budget cuts, book theft, etc.  This video shows the opening with ex-copper (and obsessive/compulsive) Brian "Memory" Lane and his wife visiting their local library.  The first minute is too good to miss.

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Ed Darrell said...

You, my wife, me -- three fans of the series so far. KERA here in Dallas has moved it around a bit on the schedule, but we still track it down.

Of course, we haven't seen it since the latest round of KERA's begging. Not sure it survived.

The occasional wholly fictitious rock band, or other flight of fiction notwithstanding, the series does have a a familirity with history and culture beyond most series. Makes me lament all the more the passing of the television version of the poetry-quoting Horace Rumpole. I don't think Rumpole ever made it to a library in the series, but clearly a guy who knew libraries and their value well.