Tuesday, February 9, 2010

North American Environmental Atlas

This is incredibly cool. The Council for Environmental Cooperation
(i.e. the governments of U.S., Canada, and Mexico) have created a free, online atlas of the environment. You can add and subtract layers, remove political boundaries, etc. The pretty banners you see on this page are actually the lines of marine vessel emissions, which is to say pollution from ships.


Cile said...

Note to self: No more buying Eastern seaboard fish to eat! ;-P

Thanks, Rob.

rhonda said...

Hey, I just stumbled across your post and I wanted to thank you for the nice words. I work for GreenInfo Network, a non-profit that specializes in GIS and mapping for public interest groups. We designed and developed CEC's new online atlas, and I can tell you, it was an incredibly cool project to work on. Thanks again!