Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Need a laugh?

On Sunday June tenth one of the world's funniest humans will be in Bellingham. Les Barker bills himself as England's only professional village idiot. He is actually a humorous poet.

How good is he? He sometimes writes song parodies and they are so good that he gets THE AUTHORS OF THE ORIGINALS to sing the parodies on his albums. This is clearly impossible.

Here are the titles of a few of his pieces:
"Cosmo, the fairly accurate knife thrower"
"Guide cats for the blind"
"I can't find my camoflage net"
"An infinite number of occasional tables"
"It's Captain Indecisive! Or is it?"

He will be performing at Nancy's Farm at 2 PM. People sometimes ask me if going to Nancy's Farm means they will be sitting on haybales next to, say, a cow. Not hardly. Take a look at the photos of the performance space here. You can also find directions at that page.

And remember, in the words of the master: "If you cannot be wiser, try to be older."

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Night Monkey said...

I LOVE Les Barker! How come he is playing when I have to work??? I am jealous of all of you who attend. I hope, if you can, that you go. You will laugh and everyone knows that is the best medicine ever! You will NOT be sorry!